God’s Divine Plan and How to Stop it(You Can’t)

So this week a recurring theme in reading and discussion has been the ability of man to block or prevent Gods plan.

On the radio, the messages of Sarah sending Hagar into Abrahams tent to have a son and allow her to culturally continue her bloodline, and the resulting 13 years of heartbreak demonstrate that when we attempt to force God’s hand on a matter, we invite disaster, especially when God is going to do his thing no matter what. Sarah ends up having a son, Isaac, anyway, and the whole rotten mess with Hagar never needed to occur, save to demonstrate to us our disobedience.

Then in Samuel the back and forth between Saul and David highlight one man’s resistance to God and another almost equally disobedient man’s desire to try to do God’s will. David walks out with Abigail as a wife, his mighty men, the Crown, and Saul dies to the lament of David who rejoices in the good moments of their existence and that of his companionship with Johnathan.

So there is a time and a place for all things, a time to take action and a time to wait.

Our tongues have an incredible amount of power, a rudder for a mighty ship, when when on course, do not adjust the rudder.


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