The Horatio Hornblower Drinking Game

Horatio Hornblower Series on Telly

Bingo Mode (Everyone Must Pick 4 that they take a drink on)

  • A woman is seen or even mentioned in passing.
  • Someone Speaks French
  • Any Human Other than a White Male with Brown Hair is on Screen
  • Someone dies
  • “Aye Aye”
  • An Accent Other than English
  • Everyone Gets Hit by a huge wave
  • An English Officer Bleeds, gets injured, or Dies on Screen.
  • Anyone Gets Put in their Place Socially
  • A Cannon Gets Spiked
  • Someone Gets Flogged
  • You get to See Through a telescopic sight.
  • A person is shown swimming in the ocean.
  • Powder Monkeys are seen onscreen.
  • Anyone Climbs the Rigging.
  • A map, math  compass or protractor are used on screen.
  • A telescope is unfolded or folded.


 Everyone Drinks:

  1. A person on the show drinks.
  2. A bell is heard.
  3. A whistle is heard.


Everyone Finishes their Drinks

  1. Mutiny!
  2. A Ship Sinks
  3. Horatio Dives Overboard
  4. Anyone Surrenders to Anyone

Hard Mode:


  • Drink Once every time a Musket or Pistol Fires
  • Finish Drinks Anytime you See a close up of only Horatio’s Face.


Insane Mode:

  • Everyone Drinks any Time a Cannon Fires

Alcohol  Poisoning Mode:

  • Everyone Drinks any time a Cannon Appears On Screen.