It is time to send Asian People to Prison for Absolutely No Reason

Today I was looking at the racial disparity in Prison populations.


Despite making up 5.6 % of the United States Population, Asian Americans are only 1.5 % of our Prison population. This is pure racism, and it is time to correct this.

What I propose is we start taking an equal slice of our graduating classes of every high school in America, and send approximately 2% of the Asian kids to Prison. Just for a year. We only need to send them in once and below quota because over time recidivism rates will mean some of the ones we send will end up going back in.

Or Perhaps the quota could be adjusted to the current criminal Justice System. If we took all Asians charged with a severe misdemeanor and upgraded it to a felony, or maybe just took cases where the jury was split by less than two jurors and switched them to voting guilty for a quota system, we could have a more fair and equitable society.

Perhaps the evidence and collection system we use in police procedures is inherently racist. Maybe if we started not allowing certain type of Discovery, such as Alibis, in cases where Asians are on trial, or perhaps allowed special interrogation methods to more fairly achieve a confession, we could fix this gross disparity in lower education.

Further still, when a white collar crime is discovered, we must look at the pool of potential suspects and make sure at least a few Asian Americans are included so that they have a fair chance to get their life ruined by a felony charge and having their financial licenses revoked.

Police Gang units need to start pressuring Crips and Bloods, Neo-Nazis and Latin Kings to expand their application processes to include a certain amount of Asian Americans and to make sure to allow and bring Asian Americans to gang activities, even if they come from a culture where they see such behavior as gross or morally objectionable.

After school drug programs need to be implemented in Asian Communities to make sure Asian students have access to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Back in the 1940s, a program was introduced by which all Japanese Americans were put in a temporary prison environment, and this early progressive concept was phased out as part of a larger program cutting government jobs, of which these prisons were one. Worse still, from this Program came the 442 Infantry Regiment, an all  Japanese – ethnicity Army fighting unit which to this day holds the record for the most highly decorated unit in American combat history even while their families at home were in prison, which seems to prove that throwing large groups of people in prison works.

Perhaps we could start by throwing the families of American Military into prison while they are serving, or take a certain percent of each enlisted or commissioned Asian American and incarcerating them to get our numbers on par.
While we are at it, we need more Latino Oscar winners. Maybe we could make a film about Asians going to prison, having all the asians played by Latinos so they could get a few oscars, and then make biopics of the Latinos who won Oscars and have them played by Asian Americans who have recently been released from Prison to help them get back on their feet following release and in the process win a few Oscars.







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