Bob Ross


The pig

Today was my first experiment with what I hope to achieve.

In need of a new hobby, and partly inspired by my journey to the edge of the universe at the Monet Gallery and seeing how his early works developed.

This inspired me. As you know, dear reader, I live in the middle of Scenic Midland. And by god, all the talented Artists are in Marfa. There’s nobody to capture the grace and majesty of scenic Midland. Not so anymore, no now this guy is gonna do it. This requires a complicated mix of the romanticism of Commerce and Industry plus Mater Nature.

The easiest way to do this, it seems, is to rip off Bob Ross. No veteran of this, it seems a bit crazy at first, but I went out for now and made my first adventure buying a crappy intro to watercolors painting set. Theres a lot in here I don’t need that bad, and some pastels I will never use again unless smething really crazy happens.

So in some research I found out that Bob picked up his quick style from Bill Alexander, a German who served in the Wehrmacht. Alexander reminds me just a bit of the Penguin from those batman films.


Anyway, I sat down and ripped off Mystic Mountain.


What I need to do next is copy the Bill Alexander and decide which technique I appreciate.


Another thing that people fail to notice is the hidden rivalry between Bob Ross and Bill Alexander fans.

Both served in the Army, though Ross was a Master Sergeant. But i really need to get to the art store and get a better knife and 2 inch brush for happy trees.


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