A Reverse Chronological Review of the Fort Worth Police Video:

This morning, or rather, 11 am, when I woke up, my cup of coffee and facebook was met with a rather level headed friend of mine spraying various hashtags about who matters and whose lives matter. So I went and watched a video of some activity that should be pretty famous in about a week. Instead of doing this normally, I’m going to walk you through my thoughts on the video from the END to the Start.

Its a 5 minute video.

Minute 4 :16-What did you think was going to happen screaming at a police officer and calling him a pig?

Minute 3:55 Following him screaming at him for arresting your mom and sister is an emotion I understand, but you are going to irritate a cop who has already shown himself willing to arrest anybody for what you percieve as ‘no reason.’ Don’t do that.

Minute 3:30 telling the guy its all live doesnt change anything. While she may be fifteen, don’t go yelling Pig A#$*( B(#*#&$ at him. All that screaming, if I was a cop I would be so pissed off at that much screaming.

Minute 3: That poor girls phone fell out of her pocket.

Minute 1:55 Oh man pushing a cop like that is such a bad idea. Who teaches there kid it is ever ok to shove a cop at age 6 or 8? I mean, she’s just a kid and frankly if my dad was getting arrested I’d probably get crazy like that too. Poor girl.

Minute 1:40 Not sure the girl in the pink deserved to get arrested, it really seems like she was getting between her mom and the cop like, “mom don’t do this” and it doesn’t seem like she should be arrested for that..

Minute 1: “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter” I could see myself asking that same question, but it does only become a question when you assume A)the white guy is telling the truth and B)he isn’t lying about anything. Still I cringe because that’s the moment this turns into a circus act.

Now to the 30 second mark:

Assuming everyone in this video is telling the truth, if some little seven year old threw garbage on my lawn and then just walked off I’d probably throw a fit too. I hopefully wouldn’t choke him, but I would be upset.

Then, the sad part is, I go from being totally on the side of the lady, to feeling like I used to on a sports team when a teammate started screaming at the ref, like, “You are hurting your own cause at this point” and at the end, the screaming expletives and slurs at the man in uniform makes me almost happy when she gets booked. It’s like every time she yells “pig” she loses $100,000 on the settlement amount.

WATCH: Video Showing Arrests by Fort Worth Police Sparks Outrage








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