The End of Syrian Chess Pieces

Let’s go ahead and celebrate the end of a Syrian Conflict.


A long time ago, during a discussion with a Saudi friend of mine, he laughed at me when I asked him about Syria.

“You Americans” he chided. “You think there will be peace if Assad is deposed.”

He proceeded to explain that in a world like this:

We have a mono Problem. See, Assad’s the product of a bizarre political situation, as explained to me by this Saudi Citizen. Basically Assad never took on a family tradition that started after the 6 day war. When Hazef el Assad came to power in 1971, a lot of his people were pissed that Israel took the Golan Heights. Now, Hazef took a very philosophical approach, stating that war was stupid and it wasn’t worth fighting anymore, just let Israel have the land and chill out. This has, according to my Saudi buddy, been a major political point for opposition for decades.

Leading to 2011 and the Syrian Civil war. That’s why we never armed any rebel groups enough to topple Assad. Because if we did they would, according to this conspiracy theory, take Damascus and keep steamrolling south into Israel. Meaning the United States armed rebels deliberately not enough to end the war, but enough to keep it going.

Now Russia has backed the Syrian establishment government, and we are backing a fractured mass of rebel groups. With the looming fight for Aleppo, and the beating wardrums from House Democrats, it seems like the strategic plan all along was to draw Russia into a war with the United States in Syria, where their only ally was the  admittedly weak government forces, and our team had a vast mob of various rebel groups all armed to the teeth and itching for a fight..  Cut to today, where the United States is now moving 1600 tanks towards the Russian border and it looks to all get out like Obama is trying to sabotage the next five years of U.S. history by starting a war with Russia in his last 30 days in Office.



here’s some Lorde:


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