The Circle of Hate

This is my last e

ntry on the political sphere for as long as I can handle:

They played the Hitler Card back in January. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I ‘suspected’ that ‘maybe a presidential candidate is hitler” I can’t think of ever changing the subject. There are only two reasons to change the subject: A) There is insufficient evidence or B) You don’t think that’s very important.

Then who can forget the ‘white supremacist card’. This again was dropped and tossed along the wayside. We can only assume that since they changed from Hitler to White Supremacist, that the media ranks “White Supremacist” slightly above “Hitler” in terms of bad guys. Then the next stage was to insult the “White Male” for being at the center of the backlash.  This indicates on the subject change priority meter, that Hitler is not as scary as a White Supremacist, but even then the danger of a corn farmer beats them, only now  exceeded by Russia. So what we have now is that Hitler was dangerous but not as dangerous as white supremacy ideals, which in turn are not as important as white people of a specific gender, and now, just a specific group of White People in Russia.

Is anyone else confused?

Because back in 2012 the threat of Russia was a joke, and what is weirder is that, if we knew Russia was a threat then, why did they not start with that danger in April of 2016? There is only on reason we could see this revolving circle of accusations: In 2012 Russia was suggested and laughed at, then in November 2015 it was the white male threat, then the racist threat, then in April the Hitler threat, and then in November 2016 the white supremacist threat, and then the white male threat, and then the Russia threat again. This circular accusation pinwheel of Ferris Bigotry holds zero weight and if it did, they’d pick the worst one and back it up with evidence. Nobody takes them seriously anymore.

The only solution to this is that someone noticed the common tagline that “all democrats are commies” holds a lot of weight and figured if they could somehow tie the Reds to the Reds they would also win, except this argument based on optics does not hold up on the same line of critical thinking as a command economy driven left wing PC hellhole where anyone who can’t use the correct pronoun goes to a re-education camp.


That’s enough.

Listening to these accusation is like watching a sci-fi reboot of a film series, each accusation is like a ‘dark, gritty reboot’ of the previous one, only I’m done with the popcorn because it’s making me fat.

Have some collective soul:


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