Legacy Media Study 6: TheHill


To make this one easy, I broke this article into 3 colors. Also note the first item on the page is the share number, so you can know an idea is popular before exposure to your brain.

It seems odd that the Article makes a big deal of leaking documents to Wikileaks, and promotes Bernie Sander’s opinion when he calls it ‘very serious’ when he told people last year he was “sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails”

Then Claire McCaskill, a woman and therefore exempt from draft or EVER having to serve in military combat, describing it as a form of warfare. These are words, she seems anxious to send other peoples children off to die for words that caused voters to go against her favorite candidate.

Then there is Ben Cardin, who mentions that Russia is not our friend, no duh. And he wants to find out exactly what happened. There, one good idea among the stupid.

As a bonus round, theHill mentions that the New York times claims the RNC was hacked too. The source, it turns out, is “The Republican National Committee was the subject to a cyber-intrusion similar to the hack that led to the release of Democratic National Committee emails during the presidential campaign, top Obama administration officials told the New York Times. Republican officials, however, continue to deny that the RNC was hacked.”

This just in, your boyfriend is ugly and stupid, according to the other guy who has a crush on you.



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