News Analysis of Legacy Media 3: The Weather Channel

Today’s Media Analysis happened by accident. First, the weather outside is chilly and the media keeps ragging on about Polar Vortex. Because the writer of this article happens to not be accredited in the art of meteorology in any way, it beho0ves us to check out a reputable news source: The Weather Channel:

That is the link used. The big criticism is that about a minute after opening the site some garbage audio report starts. This is the biggest criticism of the site. I went there to read about the Polar Vortex not have some marketing executives idea for ‘audio rich experience’ destroy my reading vibe.

Once that got solved by the mute Button, hereforth comes the breakdown.  The polar vortex normally resides over the ice caps, and here is why the Weather Channel somehow avoids the media bias of politics, they give two reasons:


  1. One could be the melting caps aka climate change.
  2. Freak snowfall over Europe.

A middle ground between “climate change is a hoax and “climate change killed JFK.”

The Weather Channel cites the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab, explaining that there is high snow coverage over Europe, which avoids the kind of freak out green peace liberals make over anything unusual weather related to the point that you feel safe thinking about man made climate change without some blue haired nose ring ding dong  dancing in their wiccan rain dance prayer circle with pagan glory glee while smoking a bong and culturally appropriating the English language for the kind of thoughts our Conquering Murder Happy Convert to Christianity and Sorry about the Smallpox Ancestors never intended..

In fact:
“Winter has been the most resilient season to climate change, which is the exact opposite of our expectations. I would attribute much of the severe winter weather that we have experienced over the past two decades to increasing fall snow cover and decreasing fall Arctic sea ice,” Appropriately named Judah Cohen said.

That Guy Works Here:

There you have it, climate change is a thing, laugh it up, CNN, even the Department of Defense cites it as the critical threat to our nation, but it is behaving differently than anticipated.

There you have it, The Weather Channel gives a straight down the middle explanation of the facts and causes and then while it does it does the scientific thing and gives alternate hypothesis that is not a total straw man.

As of today, the Weather Channel goes right down the middle for saying what is actually happening and giving several rational reasons for why that is so.  Pretty rare. Enjoy this picture while I write about Fox News.



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