Bias Analysis 5: BreitBart

Today the job is to breakdown the bias in the most out of the box news service:

Breitbart came on the scene with Anthony Weiner, they got lucky and screenshotted a tweet, then did REAL ACTUAL JOURNALISM and broke the story that could theoretically have capsized the Hillary Campaign..

Here’s the problem with their ‘story’ about the next SOS: The only news is to cite “according to two sources close to the transition process speaking to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Clicking that link gives this site: EXPECTED TO BE SECRETARY OF STATE.

The NBC site again states:
“The sources cautioned that nothing is final until the president-elect officially announces it, which could happen as early as next week. ”

And then, “Tillerson, of Wichita Falls, Texas, has already notified his corporate board about taking on the new role, sources told NBC News. He is set to retire from ExxonMobil next year since the company has a mandatory retirement age of 65, Reuters reported. ”

The garbage part of this whole charade comes from having to go to a completely different site to get information. But it wouldn’t be fair to not take a pot shot at NBC:
“While he has spent his entire career in the energy sector, Tillerson does have experience dealing with foreign governments since ExxonMobil operates in more than 50 countries. ”

That’s GOOD!! 🙂

“He already has links to Putin as well, after representing the company’s interests in Russia during the Boris Yeltsin administration.”

This stinks for only 1 reason: That is a tie to Russia, not Putin. He was in Russia, operating a business. Bill Clinton has more ties to Yeltsin than Rex.  But they are fair to reinforce the Russia Conspiracy. Too bad they don’t clarify that he was in the country at the same time, not actually working with the fellow. Maybe if they had some story about meeting on a private jet it would carry weight. Otherwise, look out, he was in the same country at the same time, and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS..

The irritating thing again, NONE OF THIS WAS ON BREITBART, a “NEWS” website.weiner

Maybe the rule here for journalists has some code about letting thorough and actual thinkers follow the paper trail and low information voters can just suck the teat of their preferred news outlet. Either way it require zero critical thinking on Breitbarts half, 5/10.


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