Deconstructing the News

Today the plan was to criticize the CNN complaint about too many Generals in the new Administration as a possible lead to a dictatorship, mostly for their misuse when the best term would be Timocracy, which, as a decay of Aristocracy given the floundering Occupy Movement, may be a poetic twist.

Instead we are going to pick apart this  news:

A brief two sentence catch up on the story: Carrier announced they were gonna move out of the Country, and Trump was like, “no” and that happened.

This story features a Union Boss,  which does not by nature mean he speaks for every single person below him, especially in an election where the primaries saw union leadership endorsing Clinton when actual members by plurality favored Sanders.

At this point it seems to be picking at nits on a chimpanzees back. Saying “keeping 1100 jobs when 300 of them were going to stay anyway is not Lying Your A$$ off. Lying your A$$ off would be something like, “if you like your old insurance plan, you can keep it” or “there are weapons of mass destruction in iraq.”

550 people are ‘losing their jobs’

So now let’s delve into that:

If you want to read it, do it. If not, here’s a paraphrase: anyone at Carrier losing employment has the option for retraining and relocation.  That’s a sweet deal. Last time I lost a job, the option for retraining did not exist, it was “hey you’re fired.”

So at the 2:53 mark, notice how the Union Boss is clear to mention that these are jobs lost a specific facilities, rather than the Company as whole.

Back in 8th Grade, we took a debate class and discussing the ins and outs of the START II treaty and potential nuclear war seemed like a great use of a 13 year old brain. I recall a student discussing the problems with laser missile defense systems, and the answer my buddy Dan gave was, “yeah but that’s only one missile instead of 12 getting through” which was, in 8th grade debate, the wrong answer. His teammate slapped his forehead because the amount of nuclear missiles a laser defense system can shoot down really comes down to financing. Apparently nuclear missile defense systems are  like a coin operated laundry machine with an astronaut popping in $10,000 per missile.

Naturally, the opposing team ripped them to shreds by asking, ‘well if only one missile out of 13 gets in, what if they launch 14 missiles ? Only two get through? (Dan said yes) But what if they launch 100?”

Frankly, 88 nuclear missiles is better than 100. Really even 12 people keeping their jobs out of the thousand or so possible is a good idea.

Or you could read Don’s Twitter feed, where he has a criticism all of his own. God bless him.





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