Seriously what is Up with the Recount

The Donald Trump campaign won by 7 points and no recount will do anything other than hurt the Hillary  score.


So the only reason they are looking for hanging chads is to recover data.  To measure the cheating capacity versus the capacity to fudge numbers on fractional voting and  more importantly, to find out how a recount looks in the key states in order to get cookies out of the jar minus the getting busted part.


Next time, Voter ID or No, there will be new recount security features and the only way to win for the Blue team is to know how cheating is detected so that they can dodge it.

They are currently doing this same process through a procedural fixing game. They are running recounts in multiple states, never concurrently, so that which each state recount they can learn and apply what they learn in the next state.

Same with missing the deadline. The goal is to push the limit this time to find out how to get away with it next time.

The only solution is : One Social Security Number, One Vote.


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