This is short and sweet.

The Democrats are an establishment octopus with a stranglehold on the will of their people. The proof is in the communist grandpa pudding. Bernie Sanders not only ran a poor campaign, he failed to hardball his party in the name of unity and got screwed.

Hillary gave this pass to Barry in 2008 and got her turn at the nomination and then ran a super tough campaign with weapons unseen.

The Neo-Cons are currently filtering the dirt in the river for a gold nugget to make Mitt Romney Secretary of State. Now, everyone who voted for him in 2012 but not Trump in 2017, you are th e only people who think this is a good idea.

The social conservative core of the party needs to wake up. After carefully making a Vietnam War Hero lose to a guy named Hussein, and then trying to co-opt the Christian Right into voting Mormon, strike three is trying to ram-rod Mitt Romney in Sec. State.


When Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex, he should have added a bit about psychotic neo-cons covering the primary with their smear to make sure only people they liked got the nomination. They failed when McCain got the nomination but they managed him into an unlikeable corner.

Anyone who dislikes republicans should cheer on Trump as a lance through the heart of party politics. Now, granted, most of you are just upset that your marxist handbook on mind control language has to wait another four years but for a second bear with me and pretend it is a good thing. It is a good thing. What a reliaf.



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