Today about 4 hours ago a friend of mine put up a FACEBOOK link about the FBI’s conclusive report on hacking the election by Russia, which is the worst James Bond plot yet.

Naturally my first comment was to request if there was a link to the actual source, henceforth referred to as ‘fake news’ because it seemed more appropriate to read that than the New York “We Got it Totally Wrong On November 8th and Still haven’t Learned a Thing” Times.

Now, my buddies facebook mentions a 13 page report, and I read it. To save you time, it’s only 5 pages of material, the rest is ‘how to keep your grandpa from getting computer viruses.

The first page is pretty rad, it has  a handy disclaimer at the top which basically says, “if we report that our agent overheard this information at a local MacDonalds, this should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the Mickey D brand or imply that Ronald McDonald is a Government Spy” etc.


Then it goes on to lay out via a bunch of documents he following conclusion “a guy named Guccifer claimed to have hacked the DNC and he probably did.”

They go in depth describing the method. It looks like at least 38 people tried to do it. I don’t trust the US Government on anything so when they say “using the russian hacking method” I’m thinking, “These are just people who are good hackers and they all work the same so the Gov’t Intel are just blaming Russia to make it sound like something better than ‘hey a prank caller joked past our security and has access to everything” which is literally how 99% of hacks happen.  Its called social engineering and its how that jerk friend of yours always seems to have a girlfriend.

Then they go list a bunch of names, not really thinking that in this world of TOR and all the other IP spoofing networks, there’s no way we’ll ever know who can do it.

Having friends, or used to have friends, who worked the darknet and definitely were what you would call a hacker, there’s nothing here other than the warning, “Hey, one of you idiots picked up the phone to a guy pretending to be John Podesta having lost his log in information and you told him the reset credentials.”

They show some scary lines of code but that kind of information can be script kiddied. The getting in part, that’s the mistake, once someone is in they can do whatever they want, and it strikes me as hilarious that they don’t mention HOW the entrance happened. This means it was not some sort of high tech entry, but rather something so embarrassingly stupid they don’t let on.

Then I checked the new york times article, and it just showed the report. Basically fake news couldn’t find someone to put a spin on it because in order to understand what the DHS and FBI are saying you can’t help but laugh at how dumb people are. Plus there’s literally no connection to the Russians other than, because we’ve been dropped hardcore sanctions and destroying their economy, they are the likely originator.

We invaded Iraq with less.

Fun fact, the massive retaliation promised by the US government is a DDOS attack against MATT DRUDGE which is hilarious since his ‘fake news’ is just an aggregation of ‘real news’ articles.

On the subject of Drudge Report, here’s a gem from The onion, describing how Drudge was hacked 18 years ago.


Pick Up Lines

This afternoon at the java stop,

a totally smokin chic

resembled a friend of mines sister

and this right here, is what I said.

“hey girl, yo, sup” Check this out.

“You are vaguely familiar to me.”



Writing her thesis, graduate study.

On the bard, yet, here is some data:

Cardiac Info, laminar flow

A sonnet, seventy beats per min,

walking  8 by 10, sitting? only six.

Somewhere between sitting and walking

reading poetry, hooray!


a red blood cell cycles through you

doing three laps per minute

meaning that as you sit here,

a hemoglobin has transported

from your foot to your hand and

back like three times. Imagine that!

A Reverse Chronological Review of the Fort Worth Police Video:

This morning, or rather, 11 am, when I woke up, my cup of coffee and facebook was met with a rather level headed friend of mine spraying various hashtags about who matters and whose lives matter. So I went and watched a video of some activity that should be pretty famous in about a week. Instead of doing this normally, I’m going to walk you through my thoughts on the video from the END to the Start.

Its a 5 minute video.

Minute 4 :16-What did you think was going to happen screaming at a police officer and calling him a pig?

Minute 3:55 Following him screaming at him for arresting your mom and sister is an emotion I understand, but you are going to irritate a cop who has already shown himself willing to arrest anybody for what you percieve as ‘no reason.’ Don’t do that.

Minute 3:30 telling the guy its all live doesnt change anything. While she may be fifteen, don’t go yelling Pig A#$*( B(#*#&$ at him. All that screaming, if I was a cop I would be so pissed off at that much screaming.

Minute 3: That poor girls phone fell out of her pocket.

Minute 1:55 Oh man pushing a cop like that is such a bad idea. Who teaches there kid it is ever ok to shove a cop at age 6 or 8? I mean, she’s just a kid and frankly if my dad was getting arrested I’d probably get crazy like that too. Poor girl.

Minute 1:40 Not sure the girl in the pink deserved to get arrested, it really seems like she was getting between her mom and the cop like, “mom don’t do this” and it doesn’t seem like she should be arrested for that..

Minute 1: “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter” I could see myself asking that same question, but it does only become a question when you assume A)the white guy is telling the truth and B)he isn’t lying about anything. Still I cringe because that’s the moment this turns into a circus act.

Now to the 30 second mark:

Assuming everyone in this video is telling the truth, if some little seven year old threw garbage on my lawn and then just walked off I’d probably throw a fit too. I hopefully wouldn’t choke him, but I would be upset.

Then, the sad part is, I go from being totally on the side of the lady, to feeling like I used to on a sports team when a teammate started screaming at the ref, like, “You are hurting your own cause at this point” and at the end, the screaming expletives and slurs at the man in uniform makes me almost happy when she gets booked. It’s like every time she yells “pig” she loses $100,000 on the settlement amount.

WATCH: Video Showing Arrests by Fort Worth Police Sparks Outrage







The End of Syrian Chess Pieces

Let’s go ahead and celebrate the end of a Syrian Conflict.


A long time ago, during a discussion with a Saudi friend of mine, he laughed at me when I asked him about Syria.

“You Americans” he chided. “You think there will be peace if Assad is deposed.”

He proceeded to explain that in a world like this:

We have a mono Problem. See, Assad’s the product of a bizarre political situation, as explained to me by this Saudi Citizen. Basically Assad never took on a family tradition that started after the 6 day war. When Hazef el Assad came to power in 1971, a lot of his people were pissed that Israel took the Golan Heights. Now, Hazef took a very philosophical approach, stating that war was stupid and it wasn’t worth fighting anymore, just let Israel have the land and chill out. This has, according to my Saudi buddy, been a major political point for opposition for decades.

Leading to 2011 and the Syrian Civil war. That’s why we never armed any rebel groups enough to topple Assad. Because if we did they would, according to this conspiracy theory, take Damascus and keep steamrolling south into Israel. Meaning the United States armed rebels deliberately not enough to end the war, but enough to keep it going.

Now Russia has backed the Syrian establishment government, and we are backing a fractured mass of rebel groups. With the looming fight for Aleppo, and the beating wardrums from House Democrats, it seems like the strategic plan all along was to draw Russia into a war with the United States in Syria, where their only ally was the  admittedly weak government forces, and our team had a vast mob of various rebel groups all armed to the teeth and itching for a fight..  Cut to today, where the United States is now moving 1600 tanks towards the Russian border and it looks to all get out like Obama is trying to sabotage the next five years of U.S. history by starting a war with Russia in his last 30 days in Office.



here’s some Lorde:

The Circle of Hate

This is my last e

ntry on the political sphere for as long as I can handle:

They played the Hitler Card back in January. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I ‘suspected’ that ‘maybe a presidential candidate is hitler” I can’t think of ever changing the subject. There are only two reasons to change the subject: A) There is insufficient evidence or B) You don’t think that’s very important.

Then who can forget the ‘white supremacist card’. This again was dropped and tossed along the wayside. We can only assume that since they changed from Hitler to White Supremacist, that the media ranks “White Supremacist” slightly above “Hitler” in terms of bad guys. Then the next stage was to insult the “White Male” for being at the center of the backlash.  This indicates on the subject change priority meter, that Hitler is not as scary as a White Supremacist, but even then the danger of a corn farmer beats them, only now  exceeded by Russia. So what we have now is that Hitler was dangerous but not as dangerous as white supremacy ideals, which in turn are not as important as white people of a specific gender, and now, just a specific group of White People in Russia.

Is anyone else confused?

Because back in 2012 the threat of Russia was a joke, and what is weirder is that, if we knew Russia was a threat then, why did they not start with that danger in April of 2016? There is only on reason we could see this revolving circle of accusations: In 2012 Russia was suggested and laughed at, then in November 2015 it was the white male threat, then the racist threat, then in April the Hitler threat, and then in November 2016 the white supremacist threat, and then the white male threat, and then the Russia threat again. This circular accusation pinwheel of Ferris Bigotry holds zero weight and if it did, they’d pick the worst one and back it up with evidence. Nobody takes them seriously anymore.

The only solution to this is that someone noticed the common tagline that “all democrats are commies” holds a lot of weight and figured if they could somehow tie the Reds to the Reds they would also win, except this argument based on optics does not hold up on the same line of critical thinking as a command economy driven left wing PC hellhole where anyone who can’t use the correct pronoun goes to a re-education camp.


That’s enough.

Listening to these accusation is like watching a sci-fi reboot of a film series, each accusation is like a ‘dark, gritty reboot’ of the previous one, only I’m done with the popcorn because it’s making me fat.

Have some collective soul:

Legacy Media Study 6: TheHill


To make this one easy, I broke this article into 3 colors. Also note the first item on the page is the share number, so you can know an idea is popular before exposure to your brain.

It seems odd that the Article makes a big deal of leaking documents to Wikileaks, and promotes Bernie Sander’s opinion when he calls it ‘very serious’ when he told people last year he was “sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails”

Then Claire McCaskill, a woman and therefore exempt from draft or EVER having to serve in military combat, describing it as a form of warfare. These are words, she seems anxious to send other peoples children off to die for words that caused voters to go against her favorite candidate.

Then there is Ben Cardin, who mentions that Russia is not our friend, no duh. And he wants to find out exactly what happened. There, one good idea among the stupid.

As a bonus round, theHill mentions that the New York times claims the RNC was hacked too. The source, it turns out, is “The Republican National Committee was the subject to a cyber-intrusion similar to the hack that led to the release of Democratic National Committee emails during the presidential campaign, top Obama administration officials told the New York Times. Republican officials, however, continue to deny that the RNC was hacked.”

This just in, your boyfriend is ugly and stupid, according to the other guy who has a crush on you.


Bias Analysis 5: BreitBart

Today the job is to breakdown the bias in the most out of the box news service:

Breitbart came on the scene with Anthony Weiner, they got lucky and screenshotted a tweet, then did REAL ACTUAL JOURNALISM and broke the story that could theoretically have capsized the Hillary Campaign..

Here’s the problem with their ‘story’ about the next SOS: The only news is to cite “according to two sources close to the transition process speaking to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Clicking that link gives this site: EXPECTED TO BE SECRETARY OF STATE.

The NBC site again states:
“The sources cautioned that nothing is final until the president-elect officially announces it, which could happen as early as next week. ”

And then, “Tillerson, of Wichita Falls, Texas, has already notified his corporate board about taking on the new role, sources told NBC News. He is set to retire from ExxonMobil next year since the company has a mandatory retirement age of 65, Reuters reported. ”

The garbage part of this whole charade comes from having to go to a completely different site to get information. But it wouldn’t be fair to not take a pot shot at NBC:
“While he has spent his entire career in the energy sector, Tillerson does have experience dealing with foreign governments since ExxonMobil operates in more than 50 countries. ”

That’s GOOD!! 🙂

“He already has links to Putin as well, after representing the company’s interests in Russia during the Boris Yeltsin administration.”

This stinks for only 1 reason: That is a tie to Russia, not Putin. He was in Russia, operating a business. Bill Clinton has more ties to Yeltsin than Rex.  But they are fair to reinforce the Russia Conspiracy. Too bad they don’t clarify that he was in the country at the same time, not actually working with the fellow. Maybe if they had some story about meeting on a private jet it would carry weight. Otherwise, look out, he was in the same country at the same time, and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS..

The irritating thing again, NONE OF THIS WAS ON BREITBART, a “NEWS” website.weiner

Maybe the rule here for journalists has some code about letting thorough and actual thinkers follow the paper trail and low information voters can just suck the teat of their preferred news outlet. Either way it require zero critical thinking on Breitbarts half, 5/10.

Legacy Media Critique 4: Fox and Hound News

Okay Ding Dongs, listen up:

Today is Fox News:

Put yourself in Hillary’s shoes and pantsuit. Imagine your name in history books, saving the world, ending climate change, building a better mousetrap, your presidential library, and then you get this; ctkjet


That’s crushing, and the only way to retain your sanity comes in the form of visualizing achieving your goals of Being President. Hilary, who really has gotten a lot farther an closer to president than any woman in history, has to either keep trying or reconcile herself to anything less than her goal, which won’t happen. I don’t think you can run for president and get that close without taking a deep psychological wound, nor can you give up a dream like that after getting so close. Think comic books, does the super villain get his death ray blown up and retire? No, they try a new plan.


Then this: A third presidential run — after two grueling campaigns that both ended in defeat to a rival political sensation who captured the imagination of voters — could be a stretch for the former secretary of state, senator and first lady.

They could say that about anyone, and if she had won they would say that about her.

Then the writer annoys this reader by using the term “elder statesman” first to describe a possible role for Hillary, and then later down to describe Harry Reid.

Can someone explain the difference between Elder Statesman and “old politician?” This is a nebbishing detail, but it sounds bogus. Other than the article is pretty good.


News Analysis of Legacy Media 3: The Weather Channel

Today’s Media Analysis happened by accident. First, the weather outside is chilly and the media keeps ragging on about Polar Vortex. Because the writer of this article happens to not be accredited in the art of meteorology in any way, it beho0ves us to check out a reputable news source: The Weather Channel:

That is the link used. The big criticism is that about a minute after opening the site some garbage audio report starts. This is the biggest criticism of the site. I went there to read about the Polar Vortex not have some marketing executives idea for ‘audio rich experience’ destroy my reading vibe.

Once that got solved by the mute Button, hereforth comes the breakdown.  The polar vortex normally resides over the ice caps, and here is why the Weather Channel somehow avoids the media bias of politics, they give two reasons:


  1. One could be the melting caps aka climate change.
  2. Freak snowfall over Europe.

A middle ground between “climate change is a hoax and “climate change killed JFK.”

The Weather Channel cites the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab, explaining that there is high snow coverage over Europe, which avoids the kind of freak out green peace liberals make over anything unusual weather related to the point that you feel safe thinking about man made climate change without some blue haired nose ring ding dong  dancing in their wiccan rain dance prayer circle with pagan glory glee while smoking a bong and culturally appropriating the English language for the kind of thoughts our Conquering Murder Happy Convert to Christianity and Sorry about the Smallpox Ancestors never intended..

In fact:
“Winter has been the most resilient season to climate change, which is the exact opposite of our expectations. I would attribute much of the severe winter weather that we have experienced over the past two decades to increasing fall snow cover and decreasing fall Arctic sea ice,” Appropriately named Judah Cohen said.

That Guy Works Here:

There you have it, climate change is a thing, laugh it up, CNN, even the Department of Defense cites it as the critical threat to our nation, but it is behaving differently than anticipated.

There you have it, The Weather Channel gives a straight down the middle explanation of the facts and causes and then while it does it does the scientific thing and gives alternate hypothesis that is not a total straw man.

As of today, the Weather Channel goes right down the middle for saying what is actually happening and giving several rational reasons for why that is so.  Pretty rare. Enjoy this picture while I write about Fox News.



The Crew Of Apollo 17 Took This Photograph Of Earth In December 1972 While The Spacecraf
John Wick meet Climate Change? Also Dragon