After ThanksGiving

This week at Thanksgiving Dinner a very well read and intelligent fellow asked me a question about a now famous alumni of my High School.

The problem with current dialogue is the rush to label with terms like bigot, racist, and white supremacist. Sadly, none of these terms are mutually exclusive but neither are they mutually inclusive.

Now after reading a few essays from some movements I disagree with, now I’m learning that there are people who don’t see any groups as superior but think they should be separate. I’m not really interested in devoting any more brain cells to this subject, as it irritates me and is very tiresome but it was some good reading.

The point is, this is a subject without the comprehensive media coverage, I never would have delved into, but now I’m enlightened to the peculiarities of yet another part of the human dynamic.

Basically, in addition to White Supremacists, most prominent of whom is the KKK and whose last recorded lynching was a guy named Michael Donald who was killed in retaliation for a white cop being murdered and the only suspect  being found not guilty(aka justice) there was a stream of events and I’m out of respect for priorities not naming anyone else other than a poor fellow who was killed for absolutely no reason other than the color of his skin, and for that Michael Donald matters.

The difference between white supremacists and racial separatists are nuanced only far enough to prove that, as Ferris Bueller said, “isms are not good” and he was quoting the Walrus, and that’s good enough.

Basically the key difference between the two, if you were a person of color; is as follows. If you had to leave them baby sitting for your kid for the weekend, the supremacist would probably kill the poor kid, and the separatist would buy him a plane ticket to Uganda.

What bothers me in this whole media storm , which harkens back to the passage from the Stephen King story, “Apt Pupil” in which everyone tries to act the most horrified, nobody has the courage to go down the rabbit hole. In fact, the biggest dissappointment in reading the National Policy Institute Founder’s essays is that I had to waste my time reading them myself because the mainstream media did such a bad job explaining them.

The biggest let down is trying to give the journalist the benefit of the doubt, then finding yourself reading three or four pages of the differences between Nazism, White Supremacy, Racial Separatism, and HAVING TO DO IT BECAUSE THE JOURNALIST WHO SHOULD BE DOING IT DIDN’T.

The you watch their interviews and they are just all trying to be the net Malcolm X or Martin Luther King when the real question they should be asking is not about black people and white people, but the much mor rational: Why is it that you want black people to leave, and Brown people to leave, but White People stay and Native Americans don’t get their land? I mean if you go on and on about homelands, it makes sense that white people would go back to Europe, and Native Americans would, well really they would have to go back to Siberia across the Bering Straight, but you get my point.

Anyway that’s all the time I have to think about that.


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