Bill Burr in your Sock

This week I have been thinking about the instances in modern america where the average black man has to ‘let it slide’ and the best example is when one of the hosts on CNN drops an N bomb and the darker co host does this eyebrow lift and you can read his mind as it goes from “Whoah! You did not just” to “let it slide, just let it slide” and I realized what they meant.

Then there’s another way to let it slide. Letting it slide means allowing people to get away with things they probably shouldn’t because you don’t want to casuse a scene. This can be misconstrued as ‘civility’ but since conflict excites me it seems appropriate to throw a molotov into the mix.

The problem with current dialogue is the rush to label with terms like bigot, racist, and white supremacist. Sadly, none of these terms are mutually exclusive but neither are they mutually inclusive.

Now after reading a few essays from some movements I disagree with, now I’m learning that there are people who don’t see any groups as superior but think they should be separate. I’m not really interested in devoting any more brain cells to this subject, as it irritates me and is very tiresome but it was some good reading.


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