Let’s Start with Bias

First of all. I have a right wing bias, we need homeless shelters and ways to help single mothers take care of their kids, but we also need guns and steel.

With that out of the way, here’s the line.

On one hand, you have Steve Bannon, editor of Breitbart, who has said some stuff about how the kids of Jewish families whine a lot, too much, and that’s something he’s going to get a lot of flack over for the rest of his life.

That is a valid criticism.

Then there is the ridiculous claim of white supremacy. There’s a little bit of an echo in that he used the words “alt right” to describe the slant of Breitbart, and some random dude used that term once or twice sixty years ago, around the same time that a guy in Germany with a moustache was describing his movement as “progressive.”

So look at marching columns of brownshirts with swastika armbads calling themselves progressive, and realize that we can all step back from the cannons and just sort of mull over things for a bit.

This middle ground is known as ‘nuance.’

Cut to today, this week. The progressives are no longer National Socialists, they are unrealistic hippies who smoke weed and want free money and get offended by every little thing. They also get hyper vigilant over any perceived slight towards their golden baby imaginary universe of equality and special snowflake status.

The contrast to this is the alt right, which sees the white knight in shining armor of Donald Trump riding a rainbow unicorn into the seething communist goblin hordes, lance pointed straight at the black rotten heart of the bureaucratic haemonculus with seething tendrils that poison the land and kill our crops to feed nefarious denizens of evil.

The reality is much more like the ocean, an expanse of blue on a flat horizon. The serene placid blue, the breakers lapping on the shore produce a calming noise.  The sun provides warmth, and life for plants to execute photosynthesis. Kelp drifts offshore. Some areas are shark infested, some just have a hammerhead or two, and everywhere you are there is a small element of danger.

Just remember, one person is trying to sell you shark repellent, the other is trying to keep you safe.

And now I’m going to channel Bill Burr. Suppose he is racist and he has a shed in his back yard full of swastikas like that guy in “Falling Down,”

So what!? What’s he gonna do? Wake up in the morning eat his wheaties and overthrow the last sixty years of Civil Rights as the PRESS SECRETARY?

You think he’s gonna walk out on the podium and not call on black reporters or do interviews with Snoop Dogg and Ben Carson and David Clarke are gonna just sit back and say, “Oh there’s nothing we can do, he’s the PRESS SECRETARY”

Worst case scenario you get some juicy soundbites for the next election, and you can just take LA New York and Seattle and Secede and the rest of America will sell you corn and gasoline and get passports for thanksgiving and you can stay home vote Democrat and not worry about it.  If bitcoin can run a whole economy without needing a single physical bank I’m sure you can do alright with 50% of the U.S. population and infrastructure in condensed areas but don’t count on us to help when you realize all the factories are in your backyard and you go broke selling us Carbon Tax tradeoffs that you voted for and now you need us again.

Or maybe theres’ the off chance that he’s a nice guy who says mean stuff when he gets cut off in traffic just like you and this is one of those cases and you should just back off  because you’ve sped up and broke the speed limit to catch up to somebody and wanted to see just what they looked like when they were driving in traffic like a moron and you’re like, “oh no wonder he’s got a lifted pick up truck he’s probably in the KKK” and you pull alongside and it’s like a Jamaican guy and you feel stupid, you’ve done it too, so give him a chance, alright?

You know there’s pictures of Prince Harry, the British guy your daughter has a crush on, in full Nazi Regalia, alright? He’s literally the Brother in Law of Kate Middleton who the press LOVE. That’s England, where they have free healthcare and all that other stuff. He did it for a fancy dress party and everyone blew it way out of proportion and he’s sorry. He’s definitely not a Nazi and he almost got kicked out of Sandhurst but that didn’t happen it was a one time thing and nobody makes  fuss about it anymore and that’s probably what’s happening here so chill out.



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