Shining a Politician into Gold

First, watch this Monty Python Clip : Dennis Moore:

It is commentary a la Robin Hood

This explains the idea of a continuum. At the beginning he is robbing rich people, but at the end they become poor. At the some point, they move from rich to the middle, and near the middle they become poor.  Likewise, everyone is at some point on some spectrum on a host of subjects.

Like a see saw, some people are very much at the bottom, and anyone who has busted their tailbone knows that there are heights and levels to where you are on the see saw.  Some people are, on the subject of racism, so far up that their feet have left the ground, and others have their feet on the ground, and some are just tailbone on the ground and can’t get up if they had to.

This continuum also lasts on corruption for politicians, intelligence and book smarts versus common sense(keep in mind Common Sense is not the opposite of Intelligence, my dear reader) and that is why both politicians are fascinatingly good. They will allow us to have a discussion based on a host of continuum with “nuance.”

So let’s say Donald J Trump gets elected.  Get ready because I’m about to hit you with nuance.

Let’s just assume he’s “Racist.”  This will allow us to place him on that continuum and have an open discussion on whatever that word means because frankly anyone who has worked in a restaurant has seen a lot of amazing battles between various cultural groups.

If there is one thing we have learned from Black Lives Mater, it is that running out on highways and blocking ambulances starts a discussion but pisses people off in the process. Having a fellow like Donald in the biggest target in the land helps.

Plus if you think he is ‘racist’ I can safely say you don’t know what you are talking about. He makes a lot of people uneasy because he speaks exactly as he thinks. Now, I’m going to share with you a common thing that everyone of every ethnicity deals with. Every now and then you find yourself in a room of people who think they are “all on the same team” and do what I call, “everyone is thinking it, so I am going to say it” which, 90% of the time is the most offensive and incorrect opinion that only that one person is thinking.

It could be any number of things, from rich guys talking about compulsory military service to religious groups calling for the extermination of other groups to the guy who told me the jews run hollywood and banks and anyone who has been there knows you just have to sit there with a blank expression on your face and then leave.

And now for something completely different.

You know what, this is impossible without offending people. And that’s why Trump is a good person to have in charge, two or three years of people knowing they can say what they are thinking will remove those nutjobs who commit horrible acts in the name of “everyone was thinking it but nobody was saying it” because people can actually say what they are thinking without worrying about some insane tirade.

Solving complex social issues doesn’t come from censoring anyone who hurts your feelings, it comes from learning to deal with some things that hurt your feelings, and punching people in the nose when they go too far.

The thing is, and I’m only going to stick to the issue of slavery and the afro caribbean, deliberately leaving out the plight of the chinaman and the irish guinea, nobody can deny that black people have been dealt a seriously raw hand. Children pick skin colors on their dolls, incarceration rates and the death penalty seem to have a seriously eugenic purpose.

You can’t have this discussion using big fancy confusing words. And seriously on the continuum, there’s a big difference between the guy who doesn’t hire black people and the fellow who basically  does but refers to them using the what we in the cognoscenti elite refer to disgustingly as ‘the n word’ which you can still here today in the occasional truck stop. It’s a bunch of crap to have ever hanging over your head.

So finally, make the world safe for disgusting bigots to air their opinions, that way you can avoid them and never expose them to you or your money ever again. Then you can know for certain that anyone whose not a disgusting white male patriarchical swine is a delusional republican… or maybe the open discussion will result in a sort of centrist middle that the common man can understand.

Okay on to Hillary. Look, the notion of a politically corrupt ding bat has been in the public eye for years. Bribes, pay for play, backroom deals, flip flopping on issues come up all the time. Now, we can finally elect the best of them ever, someone who can win an election without even a majority support thanks to every living and also dead voter capable of casting a ballot.

Being able to see a person like that function with a House and Senate present to keep them in  check combined with the thousands of hackers and other alternate journalism sources around will allow us  to sort of watch the Ant Farm of political corruption. We will be able to see everything in stark contrast as it plays out and that will also be good because fo the rest of our lives we can compare future politicians to her as a baseline.

The big danger we have is not listening to each other.

I’m basically bored so I’m not going to go any further but that’s that head of it. Either way they give us a baseline for discussion. And there’s nothing we can’t do or undo if it goes really bad.










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