Why These Are the Two Best Candidates for President Ever

A long long time ago, right after the Egyptian revolution, the BBC was interviewing people, and I shall never forget the fellow standing in Tahriri square stating something in what could have been any of six languages.

“We were told we were going to have a democracy, and now we have to choose between two people and I don’t like either of them.”

Younger me laughed, yup, that’s democracy.

But this year is the opposite, in 2016 with Trump and Clinton, I have decided that both candidates are insanely good and both will lead to a unique and amazing experience.

The first way to reach this conclusion is to turn off the head venom and focus instead on the positive aspects of each candidate.

Call me crazy, but negative campaign ads are basically just the worst possible news ever put on the radio by a guy who hates you. Essentially, there’s no way to drown out the bias. The human mind naturally thinks critically, and will subconsciously identify things that seem out of place or off putting, that’s why people spend hours tearing apart Rachel and Biff’s dating relationship on friends. (Biff may not be a character but I’ve never watched the show)

So, rather than melodramatics: on with the positive aspects of each candidates.

Let’s just alternate them, one and one. Starting with Experience.

Hillary Clinton, though she’s only been elected to one office in her life,(by contrast, I myself have been elected Scout Patrol Leader more than she has been voted into anything else) still has one more election under her belt than Donald J. Trump.

And she’s been in the White House, yeah, it wasn’t like, doing anything, but anyone in the real world can say that just a little bit of fly on the wall experience goes a long way. Obviously Trump has been in a decision making role working with advisors and what not but I think Hillary has done that also as Secretary of State.

This does lead into one big difference, the for profit mechanic See, in Government, if you run out of money, you just wait around until next year and vote for a raise or vote for a Tax increase. In business, what happens is you go out of business. He’s been in the hot seat, and from sitting around as a fly on the wall myself, I’ve seen that there are some strengths to being decisive.

So you have Trump who has done a lot of really crazy business things with inside upside down weirdo wackadinghoy tax inversions and stuff, but at the end of the day they were all legal and worked out and for people in 495 of his corporate ventures, his people got paid and sent their kids to school. Besides,, I have friends who borrowed millions from their dads and lost it.

. And then you have Hillary’s work as a Senator, where the bills she put are: 3. She renamed a post office, renamed a highway, and designated a historic site. She co sponsored some bills she was asked to join in on, and it sounds like her time was spent not stepping on toes, not irritating anybody(Ted Cruz, who I voted, for cannot say this),  but these bills, the ones she took initiative on don’t really do a whole lot and at the same time are pretty milquetoast.

So you have a decisive risk taker who has had things work out pretty darn well, and a back room dealer who has managed to not really drive anyone too far up a wall.

So if you are down for a lot of risk and change, vote Trump, which is sort of the equivalent of lighting a firecracker and throwing it in a mailbox, or Hillary, which is sort of like picking your least favorite retail middle management shoulder looker over and putting them in charge because what you need at this point is consistency.

Again, for my money, the way to pick in simple terms is to imagine you live in an HOA and you are trying to figure out who you want in Charge of the HOA and that helps clarify things a lot.

Everything else is just two sides of the same coin, like the ending scene of Animal Farm where the Pigs and the Farmers both play 4 aces at the same time, and the animals, looking through the clouded windows, can’t tell who is who.

Make sure to vote in November. 🙂


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