There’s More than you See

If I were a lawyer explaining away the Donald Trump controversy regarding the tape from 10 years ago, this is how I’d start.


The first recorded instance of organized violence by humankind dates back 7,000 yeas ago. The Talheim Death Pit, discovered in 1983 does little to disconfirm Raymond Dart’s killer ape hypothesis. This is the discovery of a mass grave from what looks like a battle site, except the lack of defensive wounds (no scars on bones of the forarms caused by stone tools as the victims put their hands up in defense) and dead women and children as well as men mean, uh, something.

Monkeys have proven history of conflict as well, Jane Goodall herself recounted witnessing a war between two tribes that shook her to the core.

On a continuum where carving a hole in someones head with a flint napped rock is on the list of options, being goaded into a conversation about models with Billy Bush is not at all on the list of bad things. Transcript

The woman in that transcript admits she was totally flirting with him.

Now, as my girlfriends who are twin models in Canada will tell you, guys talk a big game.

So before we go and make any harsh hot hasted foot steps down a dark path of sexual predators and the unabomber, lets start with what we know.

Check it out! I’m Arnold Schwarzeneggar! Here’s a clip of some incredibly insane statements. In his later years, he commented on how this was just a marketing effort, where he would say incredibly outrageous things to get people to notice. Almost as if every single person on earth says things that are a little insane to get attention.

So maybe this is a tempest in a teapot. And as Mel Brooks will tell you, the concept of “rich, powerful women let you get away with stuff” is repeated again and again and again in his “History of the World, Part 1”. It’s Good to Be the King

Is it gross? Does it offend everyone’s morals? Has it been going on for thousands of years?







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