Right now across the country here are a bunch of teenagers freaking out about Clowns. This is just a normal small case of Coulraphobia gon insane.


The advent of this came in Ohio where a lady wa attacked in a clown mask and EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL IN THE STATE GOT A DAY OFF.


Okay, so now, just think, in a teenagers mind, “clown hysteria=day off”


Ask about all the other things kids are making a deal about, gang violence, personal safety. This is not about safety. When the same kid who a week ago was suspended for fighting or breaking a bottle and threatening a fellow student is this week cowering in fear of a ‘dangerous scary clown’, my fish tale detecto-meter goes into the red.


The worst thing is kids are selling their parents on it. Oh, right, your kid who smokes cigarrettes and sells drugs is concerned about CLOWN SAFETY??

Please, next you will be telling me a dog ate his homework.


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