Onion Dip

I’ve been working on a novel, a short story, a really, really stupid one. It’s got everything we need. It has like, dinosaurs, some rather insane developments, plot wise, there shall be elements of self discovery. A laser rifle or two oughta show up. Now, the next step  will be to start putting it on this blog and showing it off so people can read it on their off time. I”m gonna be doing it .


Perhaps the next steps will be to just hope people show up, the goal is to make some students discover the joy of reading. There’s a guy over in the corner of this lame o starbucks reading some Frank Herbert, the  experiential woman at Barnes and Noble with the eather earrings said her favorite genre is sci fi. So the model is simple, I’m going to just start building a model with an audience. The end result is simple. The end goal clear as day. I am sick of horrific remakes and worst of all the non- scripturally accurate books of the bible being turned into film. So I have a plan, to go one step further. I want to be able to produce the books of the Bible in 3D sci fi. Flying Saucers wandering in the abyssal nebula for 40 par secs.


It can happen, it will happen, I can do this.


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