Lets Change the National Anthem.

Is the Star Spangled Banner Racist?




Irrelevant who wrote it, irrelevant the era it was written in. Case in Point: Amazing Grace, written by a slave trader on a slave ship with slaves on it, the song is revered and sung by denominations of all backgrounds every Sunday and has been translated into Cherokee among other languages. If the message from a song written by the bringer of smallpox can bring a message to Cherokee Christians, we can safely say that zero context of any song has any relevance on the intent and meaning. We are now done with that discussion.

We are allowed to refuse to play music, like how Israeli symphonies do not play Wagner, so let us discuss the unique similarities between super QB Colin Kaepernick and Mr. Donald J Trump. In particular, we shall examine the nuances relating the Star Spangled Banner with a Giant Wall on the Mexican Border. They are two sides of the same coin, or two ‘points’ on Marianne of France.

Both of these opinions, Mr. Kaepernicks notion, that the National Anthem is Racist, and Mr. Trump’s notion, that a giant brick wall between Mexico and the United States rocks, are based on a fact. Kaepernick senses there are unpleasant nuances to the National Anthem, and Trump sees that unchecked border policy is big issue.

So let’s explore what happens when we decide to up and fix the problem. With Trump, the solution is simple, build the wall, put the receipt in a plastic bag and mail it to Mexico. With Kaepernick, what do we do? If we had to I guess we should just replace the Anthem with YMCA by the Village People. When you think about the Village People, who they were and what they represent, and the idea behind the song “YMCA” there’s really nothing you could possibly object to. We’ve got all walks of life, multiple backgrounds, the Indian, the Cowboy, the Biker, the Construction worker, the Village People have it all, and the song Y.M.C.A. is all about community involvement, fitness, supporting each other, and every republican can get behind ” pick yourself off the ground”

The Village People include a Police Officer, because we have law and order. We have a Cowboy and an Indian, acknowledging our past. We have a construction worker, representing progress, and a leather clad biker, personifying the rugged individualism this country prides itself on.

Every Democrat can agree that “No man does it all by himself.”

And think, decades from now, when Michael Phelps wins his 358th Gold Medal, up on the podium,, the audience dancing, doing that arm movement bit, so that even the deaf can appreciate the moment, the last haunting words echoing in the auditorium, “what do you wanna be? ”


There, I fixed it.  The Olympics are gonna be awesome now.


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