At this time of year the school education season is about to get back in full swing.


For students that means there are a precious few days left before school starts, fun ends and learning, in a complete coincidence, begins.

But what is education? Cooping kids up in a room with no access to any sort of exercise or supporting extracurricular scaffold beyond, “sit in a desk and don’t do anything” on threat of a colssal failure at life or some other abstract concept humans under the age of 13 are literally unable to grasp according to Piaget’s cognitive development model?

Or it’s about grades, which would be an Operant Conditioning reward according to B.F. Skinner

Not enough physical exertion, exercise, not enough development of cardiovascular health or life modelling. Firmly focused on the relationship between exercise and student test scores students should be spending at least three hours per day in vigorous physical exertion, and it should take precedent over time spent in front of a blackboard. After all, why not teach students to appreciate their own physical body. After all, they are stuck in it.

We all have multiple lifetimes on earth. The aforementioned Gunther von Hagens mentions that he has spent segments of his life doing such different.  30 years as a doctor, 10 years in a political prison camp, childhood on an operating table with the doctor proclaiming his likely death at the cracked skull from a steel door, survival of which inculcated a lifelong love of the power of scientific medicinal treatment, purloining from the jaws of death his German soul, nay the Visigoth scientific mind entrapped within his zygomatic arches defended the stronghold from ferrous siege.


The end.



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