Okay  I was talking with a friend who has a big fancy degree and lots of real world crazy Mergers and Acquisition experience and now he’s making a career change into something else that sounds boring and so we went to Chic Fil A to eat a sandwich.

So he’s going off to do business plan consulting, and what I’m about to explain is not as complicated as Asteroid Mining.

Essentially most people who are going to be all smart and do smart people stuff charge a flat rate to do the smart stuff for you, leaving you, the plebe, on your own, out of pocket with a big fancy piece of paper with scribbles and doodles all over it called a business plan.

The first time I heard about a business model was in a thick Urdu accent during my internship in San Francisco. To give you an idea of what a model is, the easiest to describe is the Razor and Blades strategy of Gillette.  For those uninitiated,, if you turn 18 in the United States you get a letter from the Selective Service Administration and then either before or after this Gillette mails you a razor, for free. Man that is a deal. They give you a razor. For free. All the blades after the first cost money. Kinda how inner city Heroin dealers give you the first hit for free.

So now the Dollar Shave Club has them behind the eight ball with a subscription model, wherein you keep them on subscription, freeing up RAM in the brain to focus on Pokemon and whether or not desalination could prevent or cause more violence in the Middle East.

Back to my bro. I’m telling him to, instead of setting a flat rate to help people develope the kind of complicated charts and graphs fancy shmancy forecast that the WSJ falls over itself for, he should charge to be onsite hanging over their shoulder telling them what to write and how to write it. I’ve seen some smart folks with super cool lines and graphs all over their bidness.

So I suggested to my bro that he need to just sit behind these people and give instruction, and now that I’m sitting here thinking about, it he needs a big propeller beanie on his head and some sort of attention grabby Marquee arrow pointing to them that says, “BUSINESS ADVICE” and he can just sit around like Lucy from Peanuts.
This Chic Fil A is important to me because it is where I heard the best witness to Jesus conversion ever. See, there’s a concept in Evangelism circles called, “the Roman Road” and it centers around 3 verses of scripture that are in Romans. Well, he my buddy starts at Romans 3:23 talking about how ‘all have sinned and fall short of the Glory’ blah blah blah, and then moves to Romans 10:9 where if you confess Christ is savior and believe the resurrection you will be saved, and things are going well at this point so instead of moving to some fancy stay positive message in Romans he goes straight to Revelation 3:20, I stand at the door and knock. For those atheists who don’t know or Baptists who don’t read Romans is a fancy theological legal defense of the Gospels by Paul,  and Revelations is the end times prophesy/poetic predictor of the next political election depending on who you are. Imagine if you took Casper the Friendly Ghost and replaced the last fifteen minutes with the end of Poltergeist 2.

So this Chic Fil A is known to me as the place for chicken sandwiches and tearful conversion with no pressure at all.

Here’s Nancy Kerrigan in 4 minutes making you want to cry.




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