Erased Bases

Before I sat down today, actually while I was sitting down, my phone started to slip out of my pocket. The front pocket of my shirt has a button which usually prevents this but today I had no such protection in place. My phone is a regular modest new phone I bought last week and it has a pleather back on it that is soft and supple in my fingers. The screen is not cracked and for a second this was in schroedingers blissful ether as said telecommunications device exceeded the coefficient of friction and began a slow acceleration pulled by a vector of gravity diagonally out of my pocket as I bent over to sit down. Luckily my fingers per chance handling a strap on my backpack were nearby and darted over to snatch the phone out of the air as it began to sail past the lip of my shirt’s aforementioned breastpocket. Phew.

About twenty minutes earlier I had been on the phone with my buddy Nat, his wife has asked me to write a bit about my time in California and I will but today it was about humility and the role humility has in our lives. Humility is a concept that Jesus mentions and it gets a lot of overlooking. In passing I assured him that “don’t worry I have a good memory.” and left it there.

Humility comes from having an accurate assessment of where you stand in life, and then choosing to step about a step down from there. It can be very easy to assume, especially in election season, that we have the right answer and are always correct and everyone else is a big stupid dumb dumb. Jesus never said anything about politics and all we have is Ecclesiastes 10:2. But what can we be confident about? The government in charge at the start of Christ’s reign on earth was equally powerful at his death, and at the death of every one of his o=initial followers who were there when he boldly told them, “I have overcome the world.” (The address, which is a term handed to me by a homeless buddy named Santiago, is John 16:33 )

So in today’s language, there’s only one conclusion. Christ knew that the government in charge would be there when all 12 around him were martyred… And assuming for a moment that he was aware of his coming resurrection, he was telling his disciples something tha they could not comprehend ,before they were ready for it.  Imagine, if you will, if Bernie  Sanders opened his campaign by saying, “we’re going to lose and I’m going to recommend you vote for my primary opponent.”

How far would that go? All the world is a stage so we have to assume that Christ wasn’t talking about anything other than an individual level of overcoming. Overcoming the “self.”

Rather than repeat concepts that other smarter people have made, just think what it would look like if everything that was “you” got out of the way.

If you made it this far, congratulations, here’s a whale they just discovered to prove you don’t know everything.

Makes you think, there’s a 25 foot long whale that we’ve never taxonomy wise found, and some Japanese fishermen have happenstanced them for a bit, only now it’s time to ad crazy latin names and phylum distinctions and whatnot to a whale. But in the trillions of gallons of water, a whale was able to sneak around undiscovered, unnoticed as different, even with a skeleton marked on a museum wall, nobody noticed the difference until today.  Sheesh. Just think what kind of microbes are floating around in us that we’ve missed. Heck there might even be a human being in your life that YOU’VE missed. That’s kinda crazy, I know, but hey, that’s the whale in the living room. Peace.



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