Brexit Thoughts: Ponzi Europe and Cheap Curry

 From reading the social networks, I understand most of you are 100% biased against England being that you aren’t from there. But as a 50% half blood muggle brit who travels over there and talks with them and discusses this ‘in country’ a bit, I shall fill you in. First there is the running ‘common market joke’ which essentially light heartedly pokes fun at what is now the EU as decades long historic economic “aggie joke.” Add to that a long standing distrust of French People, a Europe wide series of waves of cheap labor, first form Poland, then from the mid east, and then add in the Jungle in Calais, and most importantly, before this Migrant Crisis even started, plenty lamented the influx of new citizens showing up at age 40.

The way the NHS functions is like a Ponzi scheme, you have to have people downstream paying in, young people with no health problems paying in, and if you start letting immigrants in who are over 50 or 40 or they bring their grandparents with them it wrecks the curve. So essentially for five years we’ve been aware that there is a choice: 1. Healthcare OR 2. Immigration. You only get to pick one. As in, only option 1 OR 2 and NOT BOTH.

Add to this Spain, Italy, and Greece as a sort of broke cousin asking for handouts and you have England, with the 4th strongest middle class on Earth, being asked to give up its standard of living and healthcare for zero discernible benefit other than being part of some sort of Economic “League of Nations” and you have a pretty solid ‘why buy the cow when I can have the milk for free’ mindset. I’m sorry I can’t boil this into a cute soundbite but it’s true.


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