Making Hillary Clinton Look Bad

Today I have been playing around with reading up on what I consider a cluster snuffle in Benghazi, and the events in Arizona.


On the Benghazi issue, it seems possible that Hillary made the cold decision that letting a few Americans die would be more palatable in diplomacy than sending an AC-130 to turn everything within 100yards of the embassy into bloody mush.

The real question here is why there was 7 hours between the order to rescue by any means and the eventual deaths of everyone in the compound. The changing of uniforms by Marines indicates some level of response was planed but that the indecision was over how best to deal with the situation without hurting the feelings of Libyan Government officials. That’s basically a good example of how trying to be politically correct wastes time and gets people killed.

It seems unlikely that anything will happen as a result of this giant inquiry, but it is good that this level of investigation happened.

Then there¬† is the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Here’s a youtube video-

While on it’s surface it seems like just a friendly hello. A guy just blundering onto the private jet of the prosecutor who will be in charge of a case against his wife to randomly talk about Grandchildren for no discernible reason reeks. Even if it is just a friendly discussion about offspring, this kind of personal formation of a relationship has deliberate messaging. Especially coming from a seriously talented political mind like Bill.

I don’t think





Brexit Thoughts: Ponzi Europe and Cheap Curry

¬†From reading the social networks, I understand most of you are 100% biased against England being that you aren’t from there. But as a 50% half blood muggle brit who travels over there and talks with them and discusses this ‘in country’ a bit, I shall fill you in. First there is the running ‘common market joke’ which essentially light heartedly pokes fun at what is now the EU as decades long historic economic “aggie joke.” Add to that a long standing distrust of French People, a Europe wide series of waves of cheap labor, first form Poland, then from the mid east, and then add in the Jungle in Calais, and most importantly, before this Migrant Crisis even started, plenty lamented the influx of new citizens showing up at age 40.

The way the NHS functions is like a Ponzi scheme, you have to have people downstream paying in, young people with no health problems paying in, and if you start letting immigrants in who are over 50 or 40 or they bring their grandparents with them it wrecks the curve. So essentially for five years we’ve been aware that there is a choice: 1. Healthcare OR 2. Immigration. You only get to pick one. As in, only option 1 OR 2 and NOT BOTH.

Add to this Spain, Italy, and Greece as a sort of broke cousin asking for handouts and you have England, with the 4th strongest middle class on Earth, being asked to give up its standard of living and healthcare for zero discernible benefit other than being part of some sort of Economic “League of Nations” and you have a pretty solid ‘why buy the cow when I can have the milk for free’ mindset. I’m sorry I can’t boil this into a cute soundbite but it’s true.

The beginning is an important Time

Today I was grabbing a beer with my best friend and she suggested I write this down before I forget. She was referring to an insane roommate I had in California, but I thin It’s a lot more important to start before that.

The important part begins with a hike across San Francisco, from where I was to where I belong., walking up the hill by the wharf where they have that park with a Statue of Harvey Milk in it, I rounded the corner onto Marina Blvd and up until the late into the first onset of dark I marched, only once nigh fell did I get to my destination. Right on the edge of Marina Blvd, right where Fillmore hits the sea.