Cenobitic Dissappointment: When God does Nothing

A friend of mine once said, “God isn’t operating on your schedule, but he’s always on time.”

I wonder, if perhaps the monks of the British Isles felt this way when Viking Raiders hauled them to the edge of a cliff and maybe, as they sailed towards the tumultuous waves beneath them, they took time to praise the good Lord Jesus for his noble sacrifice seven hundred years earlier?

Biblically, let us go ahead and go through the hall of fame of being abandoned by God. First, there is Israel in pretty much the back half of the old testament.  There’s Job, who gets a whopping 32 chapters of being totally neglected, after which he is magically given everything twofold that he had before. Karma, right?

Next we have Jesus, who depending on what branch of Team Christ you stand on was either abandoned on the Cross or not. That doesn’t count because he comes back. There’s his mom, Mary, who gets to see her son killed, there’s again the fact that he comes back.

So basically if I had to get to any answer for what can you say about losing your life for Gods sake, or not having the Pony or BMW you asked god for? There’s Jepthah, in Judges, 11:29-38. For a short version, he promises his Lord to sacrifice the first thing he sees when he gets home. Unfortunately it’s his daughter, Mizpah. She’s okay with this somehow. Funny how people focus on Abraham for “almost killing” his son and not on Jepthah for *actually doing it* to his daughter?

There’s not a lot of stories about people getting straight up abandoned by God.

In Ruth you have Naomi, but even she is there to hook a sista up with rich old Boaz. But you do have the babies. Babies killed by Herod on the birth of Christ, Babies killed by Pharoah around the birth of Moses, babies killed by God upon the final plague of Egypt, babies killed by God on the flooding of the world. Abel killed by Cain as the first act of wanton man made violence. Babies killed by God in the flooding of the world for Noah.





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