Spare the Rod

I had a talk with a man who works as an electrician. Before you tell your babies to go off to college and study math and science,  $70 an hour for labor plus parts.

I got friends workin as welders making $40 an hour, shoot, underwater ship repair starts at $100. It’s dangerous, but so is playin’ darts with peoples retirement funds in an office.

We’re lookin’ at a shift here.

Fathers Day came last week. I talked to my dad a bit, our father, grandad, when he came back from The War, went and got his degree as a mechanical engineer, making him the second graduate in the family. As my dad says, folks used the GI Bill to go to college ’cause they saw all the rich folks sent their kids to college and somehow thought that would make their kids do the same. Get rich, you know the story, walk out with your diploma and out of nowhere; there is a million dollars and a BMW.  Back then, of course, they wouldn’t want a BMW, things are complicated now.

I’m always interested to hear from what I call the ‘business owner families’ who never went to college, never had degrees, they just had a couple of businesses and would pawn a few off on their kids and sent em to work. Is this a better world?

The Shooting in the Carolinas, the members of the congregation, the folks who actually knew the people who got shot, think the lack of the love of Jesus Christ caused the shooting, and the rest of America, people who don’t even live in the same state, are up in arms blaming a flag. Normally they blame guns, but in this case it’s about a flag.

A flag, a diploma, a symbol, we blame those.

I learned a long time ago from a CEO who goes by “Red” that MBA’s are for people who want to make the money a founder of a company makes but want to skip all the hard work it takes to get there. He would know, he worked from a single truck to about 35% market share of the US and counted McDonald’s as a vendor.

It comes up in business, some old guy will slyly refer to something as “the MBA way of doing things” and the “MBA mistake” as a problem where you missed the real world cause and focused on some mundane stupid detail just because it’s the only thing you can quantify in a number and program a computer to model.

Now we’re busting Kurtis Cook, a firefighter who is praising the shooting in Charleston, and I suspect he is voicing many priests who say what this shooter did was thrust Christ into the spotlight, and show the advantage of forgiveness and other biblical morals.

And I’ll say this, a volunteer firefighter, a fellow who volunteers to run into burning buildings and drag little babies out, can personally believe whatever he wants, he can even voice those opinions, because you’ve got his words, and you can take those as far out of context as you want, but his actions, running into burning buildings and saving little babies, speak enough for his character for me.

If only the fancy suits who dropped the recent financial crisis on us had actions so beautiful to back up their flowery words. Maybe those sharpies wouldn’t be burning peoples retirement funds and conning kids into finance degrees.

Only so may people can manage money, somebody has to go out there and make it.


First and Best to the Lord

I’ve always loved to take random Bible verses and just hone in on them until they are meaningless.

This is a classical example of “Give to the LORD from your wealth And from the first of all your produce” which is probably paraphrased a few other times in the Book, but in this case, it is from Proverbs 3:9.

Now, let’s say you want to open a toothpick warehouse, this would be a good chance to approach your house of God with an offer of your exclusive toothpicks for the lowest price you can afford to do it, hopefully free. The people there will say, “aww that’s nice” and indulge you because that’s what churches do. Churches are all about indulgences.

I’ve used this in business and found there to be multiple benefits. For one, in the church, if you are starting up a business thing and you need to wing it, your local church is not going to be very picky they’ll take anything, and won’t mind if you are ‘working out the kinks’ a bit to get things rolling. In my line of work I found my church remarkably helpful in calming my own nerves in making a sale.

Furthermore, it can work as a winnowing fork for the mind. If you are deciding on a business interest to pursue, thinking of ways you can help the Church as a whole first and foremost with the first efforts of your work can draw out whether or not your business needs to exist in the first place. For instance, that twin peaks franchise? Maybe stick with the toothpicks bro.

If what you are about to do has no benefit to God, it’s probably not much good for anyone else!

Then, should your business take off, you don’t have to worry too muh about how to assist the faithful in the works of Christ, because the Lord played such a central part in the inception that, like our love for our parents, we are not easily separated to homage to God. And you get to dump blessings on the folks that helped you.

What’s that? You don’t  believe in God? Great I was there once, but let me ask you this, why do you not protest shaking hands, celebrating birthdays, gathering at funerals, and all the other rituals of life we go through? Why not? I mean you would be curing people of being brainwashed by pointless, illogical things.  Oh, you don’t wanna be a jerk? Then why not do what your forefathers did, go to whatever religious gathering house least bothers you so that nobody gets upset? Oh, right, you don’t want to do something you don’t believe it, which brings us back to shaking hands.

Oh, here it comes, you want evidence. Well, look, when you go the doctor, you are taking on faith that he is a real doctor and the certificate is not forged. Famous Con Artist Ferdinand Demara performed actual real live surgeries before he got caught. Everyone lived.

So unless you literally went to sit in class next to your doctor every day in school there’s a point where you really have no way to prove he is a real doctor. I mean like it or not, every human on earth takes things on faith on a daily basis.

I was chillin out today listening to a guy from Nigeria talking about his work and giving our hearts to God, and it occurred to me that a lot of the atheists I know grew up in homogenous wealthy families and haven’t really had the perspective of listening to what, in a secular sense, amounts to respected educated philosophers from around the world meeting and discussing a common text with those of a completely different cultural background, but I suppose that makes me more close minded than white middle class two cars private school jimmy who has a liberal arts degree from dinglewingle university.